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Colorado Business Connections was official started in 2021. We have an incredible group of individuals that love to connect and have fun doing it. We are as unique as it comes and love the opportunity to learn more about other people's businesses, collaborate and support each other. 

We may not be your cup of tea and that is okay, or we might be the exact thing you have been looking for. That is for you to decide. 

Logistics for the group: 

  • We meet via Zoom EVERY Tuesday morning 8:00am-9am MST.

  • You can come to visit our weekly calls three times before we ask you to submit an application, however you can apply at any point in time during those 3 visits. 

  • Must live in Colorado. 

  • We are one profession per seat. Once the seat is filled we will not offer accept another into that seat unless that person leaves in the future.

  • We ask for at least a year commitment in the group as it takes time to bond and form relationships. 

  • We offer in-person get togethers in-person, quarterly and support members events throughout the year.

  • We offer every other week coffee meet-ups in-person.

  • We ask that you attend 75% of meetings.

  • Your business investment to be a part of the groups is only $120 per year after approved into the group.

 If you are interested in attending a meeting go HERE

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